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Saturday, September 12, 2009


Dear Pain,

Thank you for coming into my life.
There are times that I cursed you, pushed you away. But I was a fool, because maybe I was still nobody if it’s not because of you, you had made me much stronger and wiser, better and braver.
Pity for those who don’t know you, they’re missing the true essence of life.
If it’s not because of you; life will be boring, dull and blunt. Because of you I had met your other brother, and I had appreciated more of your existence. Because of you, I had learned that Happiness will be nameless. Joy your other sister will be taken for granted by many.
Pain you are indeed great and powerful, sometimes you are very cunning but the truth of the matter is you make life so tasteful…
I want to thank you for helping me to become more human. Thank you for the wonderful experiences that I had with you, such as crying. Thank you for such unexplainable feelings that it brought to me. For the longest period of times I am always trying to run away from you, I had avoided you most of the times; yes maybe I am afraid of you.
But I already know what you are, Pain you had become my best friend, my shadow, you are the only feeling that I know, I hate to say this, but your brother; Happiness seems to be so hard to reach and I really can’t tame him. I would like to have him here in my life, but he’s always out of sight. Yes I know he don’t want to befriend with me. First it was hard to accept that we are really not meant to me become friends. You made me realized that I don’t need to run after him, I already have you, and I know that you don’t have any plans of leaving…

Many thanks,


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