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Saturday, September 5, 2009

The C R Conversation

R: “Hello good morning so how was your day? I know you’re happy right now coz your mahal is with you.”

C: “no he’s not here, something’s came up and he didn’t come.”
“But I’m okay.”

R: “are you sure you’re okay?”

C: “yes definitely I am 100% okay”

R: “I can sense you from here, you are not okay.”


C: “Bezt my mahal texted me and he told me that he is watching KIMY-DORA, and he’s alone, Adik! “
R: “Bezt I doubt it, maybe he is not alone. I can’t take that kind of lame reason why he didn’t came to your house today, what? Because he’s going to watch a movie alone? Is it enough?

C: “I will be okay, I mean I am okay.”

R: “of course not, you are not okay.”


C: “he texted me and he said he needs to see me coz there is something very important that he needs to say and do.”

R: “don’t be negative, maybe that’s not what you think he’s gonna do. “

C: “basta I’m breaking up with him.”

R: “please don’t do that, don’t make decisions when you’re mad.”


C: “good morning Bezt, I’m on my way to school now, sh*t I can’t help myself from crying. “

R: “what’s wrong is the two of you finally over? .”

C: “no, I just can’t take the way he’s treating me .”

R: “Bezt I’ll let you do the final decision, basta for as long as you’re going to be happy with what you choose, I will always be here to support you, no matter which one you choose, either you let go of him or you give him another chance.”

C: “thank you so much Bezt, yes that’s what I am doing right now I am giving him another chance.”

R: “but then, everything has an end, and again I will still suggest you choose the things that will make you happy and I will stand beside you and respect your decisions.”


C: “Bezt I am going to make a drastic decision later tonight and you are the only person whom I know I can hold on to.”

R: “go ahead my friend, do what you got to do, I won’t leave you, I will always be here for you no matter what happen.”

(I had received numerous texts telling me that he is in pain and he is crying)


C: “Bezt I decided to take a rest from our relationship, we’re currently in a cool off stage.”

R: “is that what will make you happy? “

C: “I may not be happy to know that maybe eventually our relationship will soon be over, but doing this will somehow ease the pain here in my chest. “

I am very proud of your decision, you’ve done the things I cannot do or let’s say I am afraid of doing, I don’t know if until when I am going to nurse this stupid feelings, you are indeed braver than me. You’d choose to end up the fire long before it totally burned you.

But the thing is;

You lied to me when you said you’re going to be okay, coz it will take a long time for you to be okay.

Rest assured my Bezt, I won’t leave you during your worst days! . . .


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