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Friday, September 4, 2009

Addicted To You

I love you so much that the whole combined numbers of the stars above will never be enough to measure my love for you.

You are the reasons why I want to wake up every morning, the reason why I smile frequently and the reason why I keep myself in shape so that I will stay pleasing to your eyes.
Though we’re far apart and the possibility of seeing each other now is pretty slim.
But my faith was so strong that I can move a mountain just to see you.

Waking every morning alone was one of the most painful parts of the day.
Waking up away from you is another day of struggles, another of yearning for your presence.
Loving you wasn’t easy; it’s like planting thousand of painful seeds here in my chest.
But no matter what I do, I just can’t quit loving you. Maybe it’s true that I am ten thousand times addicted to you.

I don’t care about what other people will say or how many of them will raise their brows unto us.
Tragic to be like us, the whole world is against us.

For as long as you are there and we shares the same goal; to be together forever. My faith for our so-called love will never perish.

Being lonely is maybe the consequence of being away from you; I just wish somehow you could feel the same way I am feeling right now.

Yes maybe there is a valid reason behind all of this.
For life is about taking chances I am giving myself the benefits of the doubt.
It’s the only way I can make myself calm, yes I cannot afford to lost you this time.

Please I cannot win this battle alone, let’s fight together for our feelings and for our beliefs, and for our future.

Though the stars may not be bright tonight, let the light of our so-called love guides us through….


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