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Monday, July 13, 2009

VICTORY out of nowhere!


Its already 12:31pm, I stand up and quickly head for the bathroom I don’t know why I need to fix myself so early since I have an appointment with my friend Jerome, but we agreed to see each other at 5:00pm.

I open the shower and start to take a bath, and then I’ve found out that all my briefs are hanging at the backyard and still dripping. But that doesn’t stops me from leaving the house I’ve managed to dry it using a hair blower. Hahahaha what a very genius idea.

I fix myself and then off I go without having anything for breakfast or lunch.

I take a tricycle up to the national highway and transfer to a jeepney, my original plan is to go directly to Starmall Alabang, when I reached TS Cruz, suddenly came to me that my friend Niño is working in West Gate so I step down and walk to South Supermarket.

I immediately approach a security guard and ask if there’s a DHL within the whole West Gate area, the replied; “no there is none, if you want you should go to Alabang”.

Wow, I’m a bit disappointed yet I continue to walk up to the road leading to Festival Mall.

As I am walking under the burning sun the tall building caught my attention and I look up as I walk, How magnificent, I mean the whole structure and it’s view.

Finally I’ve reach the mall and I walk inside, I’ve received a text message from Jerome; “asan ka na?” I replied; “dito na sa Festival Mall”. Then he asks me to go to Ate Ella’s place and ask her personally about the apartment. And so I go and walk to Ate Ella’s place, since there are some customers inside the shop. I decided to stay out and wait until there are no more customers.

And as I am looking around I’ve notice that there are too many people in the area and since I’ve never been there for almost 5 months. I walk with some other people up to the main lobby I thought that maybe there’s an art exhibit inside. It doesn’t catch much of my interest so I decided to walk back to Ate Ella’s place.

We had a nice time talking to each other while waiting for Jerome and Roel. Soon the two came and we talk for another couple of minutes and then later on Ate Ella suggested us to attend the 6:00pm mass.

I asked her;” where? At the Expo hall?” she answer; “no, dyan lang oh”, and she points to the direction where once I thought there is an exhibit inside. The two decided to go and attend the mass service while I refused to go with them, then Ate Ella insist that I should go and attend the mass too.

I told her; "why should I go there? I’m not that sinful enough to go and pray for my soul!"

Hahaha…. Very sarcastic, but then she won and I too, attended the mass.

As I enter the hall I felt something that I’ve been longing to feel for the longest period of times.

Since I was raised by my Christian Aunts, we used to attend masses like this when I was still little.

The gospels and the nostalgia reminds me of the good old days when I used to attend the mass with my Aunt Lani,

Truly the name of the church ministry clearly speaks for itself!


Now I am attending fellowship again and the very first person that came to my mind is my best friend, Fernand Yim, secondly is my Aunt Lani, who’s currently on her 2 years mission on board at MV Doulos.

It’s very ironic knowing that I considered myself as a loser but after attending the mass I have realized that I was wrong all the time because with God, I am true winner!

In every end of the day let us not regards some things as a mere accident, because in this life there is no such things as accident, only fate!


Anonymous July 13, 2009 at 12:07 PM  

Hi there,

It feels good reading a new post in your blog. I am so proud of you, Ramon. I really am. I am happy to know what you had recently been doing. Let me just fix my financial challenges and for sure we could do something about the plan.

Anyway, in case you would be able to read this, let us meet this Thursday July16 after my shift. My shift ends at 7AM. We could meet in Alabang. Just text me when you read this message.


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