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Monday, July 13, 2009

Small Group Bible Sharing

The mass service ended at 7:30pm so I walk out of the hall and head for Ate Ella’s place to check if there’s any text messages in my celphone,

I stay for some few more minutes and wait for Jerome and Roel, then Roel said there will be a small group bible sharing down at the food court and he’s inviting me to come, hahaha for the second time I felt like I’m not ready to join, but the force of calling is much more powerful.

We’ve meet with several other young gents and started to greet each other with his and hellos.

Attending small group session like this isn’t my first time since I had attended some at Lighthouse Alabang.

As the session goes on, I finally said to myself; “it’s going to be a habit now”.

I like what we are doing and it’s about time to pay attention to my soul‘s health. Truly it’s the start of nourishing my soul and faith to God.

I would like to thanks the following people;

Ate Ella

Jerome and Roel

Bryan Bonus and Dexter Tenorio


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