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Monday, July 20, 2009

Honor God, Make Disciples

My Sunday starts with a very hot and humid afternoon, and as the day ends, rains started to pours…

….a signs of blessings? Well maybe….

It was a very hectic and kind of short day for me, as I started my preparations for job hunting for following day.

And of course the first time I am going to the mass service with ehem, Mr. Fernand Yim. As I am on a jeep to Starmall I am texting with my other friend, Alvin from San Pedro.

Our conversation started with our favorite line, he texted me with “Ahem B-)”.

Followed by; “uy kumusta ka na? How was your asthma?”

He replied; “eto so far I am four days absent and I am being left all alone here in our apartment.”

Then I suggested, “Do you wanna come over here in Alabang?”

He was expecting that it is going to be a regular Sunday gimmick.

And the magic word starts to cast its own magic through text message.

“Guess what? We are going to attend the 6pm mass with Fernand and I will introduce you to my Small Group”, I am referring to Dexter and Bryan and the rest of the group…

It was a surprise to him, to read that kind of messages, coz he had never ever expecting that I am a church goer, hahahaha…. For some funny reasons, we’ve met in an inuman session in their apartment in Sta. Rosa way back a month ago.

He replied with, “sige, sige gusto ko umattend”, I believe he’s not the only person who was surprised that day, coz even me, I had never expecting he’s going to come, I mean with his kind of lifestyle? I bet his not gonna come, no matter how much I try to convince him. But God used me to bring another member of his family back to His house and arms again.

That fateful night started at 4pm when Dexter texted me and asked where I am?

It was a signal that our small group is about to start. I rushed to the Victory Center and I brought along my best friend Nan, while we were waiting for Alvin.

I introduced Nan to Dexter and we step inside the Center to bring Nicole a.k.a. Chuchay to the Kids Fellowship, where we had met a lady asking us to why not join the kids?

We both frowned, “ha, ang tanda na naming para umattend sa kids.”

And she replied, “no I mean do you guys wanna try to be part of our team and teach and kids at the same time?”

Aaaaaaah…. Now we understand more clearly and we response; “we will try to.”

I check out my cellphone and found out that Alvin is already at the meeting place, I rushed to the said place and usher him to the Center, where later he met Dexter and the rest of the Small Group.

The Small Group session shortly followed after having some snacks.

Fernand, Alvin and I were being lead by Ace. Though I am originally belonging to Dexter and Bryan, I had taken the opportunity to share the same cluster with them and later watch them as they have their 121 session with Ace and Prince.

Time flew too fast and the Small Group ended, we headed to the hall to attend the general preaching…

The feeling was beyond good it was great actually!

Truly the God almighty is the Multi Generation God, His greatness and power works through times.

As the banner inside the fellowship hall says; “Honor God. Make Disciples”….

I believe I become a fisherman of man by bringing two of my close friend to worship Him once more, and indeed I am proud of myself seeing Alvin walking in the right path with our Lord again…

To Dexter; "bro thanks a lot for everything for being so compassionate and understanding."

To Bryan; "bro astig ka, and hope to have 121 with you soon"…


Anonymous July 22, 2009 at 3:10 AM  

God is really honored with what you did, even if we are also a sinner God can still use us in a greater measure, as we refresh other people we also is being refresh by God, also the word of God tells us as irons sharpens another iron..

We will grow in maturity with God bro, we will continue the fire & let that fire ignite so that God will be lifted high & he will be known, with this we may be able to share his Love to other people.

Keep it up mighty man of GOD!!

(di ako makapag comment sa mismo blog site mo ayaw haha or di ko talaga alam hahah)

-Dexter Tenorio

Rams versus Mar July 22, 2009 at 3:10 AM  

welcome bro, uy please do visit www. fernandyim.com blog sya ni Fernand, ka small group natin, thanks bro...

Anonymous July 22, 2009 at 3:21 AM  

gnda ng blog mo tlga bro! nkaka-touch! hehe.. Godbless! kip up the good work! i know God is pleased in what you do! c u next sunday!

Michael Bryan Bonus

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