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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Don't Feel Any Pressure Right Now

“Mr. Regalado” the med tech called my name and asks me to come inside the Laboratory for a short medical interview, “is this your first time to donate a blood?” she asks.
Yes ma’am it is my first time. And then she continue to ask questions and then as she asks more questions she proceeded to get the actual vital stats, the blood pressure, weights and body temperature. She examined my arms and look for possible needle entry.

She examined my arms one after the other and looks for the venipuncture points.
She put the first needle in my left arm and extracted some blood for initial examination. As she was about to puncture my arm, she asks more questions just to divert my attention, “Ma’am you don’t have to trick me, don’t worry I am not afraid of needles and I will surely be okay. And don’t you know that I love watching my blood being extracted from my arm?” yes I do, I am not bragging about it…
“Okay sir but the next needle would be thrice the size of this one” Ms. Gina Reyes the med tech says.

“Well it’s just a needle and it won’t cause me much pain, I have emotional problems right now and it may not as pointed as the needle tip, but it’s more painful than being punctured by thousands of needles”…

“At the end of the day God will be as passionate as ever and He will ease all my pains now that's something I am not going to be tired of bragging about”.

“Okay sir, you may go back to the lobby and I will call you back for your major blood extraction”.

After 10 minutes I was ask to go back inside, “Sir please lay down here and we will proceed to blood extraction, says the head pathologists, as they prepare all the necessary things like the blood bag, and other stuffs. I was waiting for the med tech to ask me if I am nervous, hahaha well I am ready to answer her with; “ I don’t feel any pressure right now, despite that it is my very first time to donate a blood, and my family is one of the most important persons in my life”…

I originally went to Asian Hospital to donate some blood for Tina de Vera and since she no longer needs any blood replacement, I agreed with the med tech to just donate my blood to other patient, although the recipient is still nameless, I know that my blood will somehow will save life.

My day at the Asian Hospital ends up and as I leave the laboratory, the head pathologist handed me with a yellow t-shirt, she says, “It’s our simple way of thanking you as one of our blood donor”.

Special thanks to Ms. Gina Reyes for some of my shots…


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