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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Yes, I cried that night, written way back August 03, 2007.

Everything started with a plain and simple question: "Care to be friend?”

I'm kind of little bit surprised that somebody asked me that kind of question.

I responded right away, and I said; "Sure, why not, I'm not snob naman"

And I gave him my number.

The next morning, I had a few unread messages in my phone inbox,

I didn't expect that one of the messages was from him.

It brings smile to my tired and haggard face, yes, it does make me smile and I told to myself, "I knew that this kid needs a friend".

And I will be, I'll make sure that I will be his most loyal friend.

We have texted each other some several times before he told me that he's online. And then I fixed myself and rush to the nearest internet shop.

He sent me his YM id and we started to talk thru chat,

I asked for his cam and he invited me to view him on-line.

And I did the same thing; I invited him to view me as well.

The feelings are so inevitable,

For the first time, a kid sends shivers down my spines.

I told him everything, my observations and readings.

I read his face and I knew he's emotionally disturbed, I got a perfect picture of myself just looking at him, And I’d been to that same situation before.

I described him as fragile and priceless. Few hours later we met, he's dwelling some few kilometers away from our block, 1.5 km. I suppose.

We had a very good conversation then,

He told me that I looked terribly proud and boastful in my pictures.

Yes, that was his first impressions on me.

He said, looking at me in my picture gallery,

He earned that kind of absurd impressions.

But he said, I'm the opposite person of the guy he once saw in my picture gallery.

I laughed and I said; "that's kind of bola!”

We became friends and talks about things, Almost everything in our pretty damn heads, hahaha........

We spent our night talking and cracking jokes, we both loves to walk.

And we had lot of things in common.

I was born, Aug. 2 and he's Aug.9, I'm 6 years older than him and I tried to show him my kuya side.

I gave him advises and he often glance at me and he smiles sincerely.

The following afternoon,

He invited me to watch one of his favorite movies: FENG SHUI.

I'm not a big fan of horror film,

But I gave myself a chance.

I watched it, and it was great.

Watching unfamiliar film genre with a company of a good friend. _________________________________________________________________________

The following situation became out of hand. I don't want to write it here, so I have to skip that scenes. _________________________________________________________________________

We leave their house after I waved goodbye to his mom,

We decided to go to Calamba Crossing,

It was kind of late that night so we spent our night at Area 23,

we surfed the net and watched some couple of videos @ YouTube.

We fixed his Friendster's layout.

I made him a slide show and I put a Paris Hilton song on his background.

And as soon as we had finished what we came for.

We left the shop and headed back home. I told him, "tol, I'm kind of hungry".

So before, we finally head back home, we ate goto,

He treated me with a bottle of Lipton Red Iced tea.

We take a tricycle ride to our subdivision.

But before we decided to go to each of our houses.

We sat down at the back of a tall building and we talk and I told him to rest assured 'cause I'm not going to leave him soon.

I'll be here for him and I'm here to wash away the pain and agonies in him.

It's almost past 6:00 a.m. we finally decided to leave and go home.

I texted him and I told him to take care of himself and to stay away from false friends.

Around 12:00 p.m. he replied to my text, he told me his going to Manila to visit some co-agent and watch OUIJA.

That day was Saturday, July 28.

The following afternoon I texted him but he doesn't seem to care to text back.

I ignored it, the next night I tried to call him,

But his number is already unattended and out of the coverage area.

The next day I checked for my emails and I sent him a message thru Friendster,

I asked him what happened to his number.

I asked him to text me, but he never sends any text.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday, I was longing to see and talk to him,

And I’m still waiting for him to send me some text.

But then, wala pa ring text mula sa kanya.

I remember what my bestfriend once told me, "Faith without actions is dead ". He said, if I want to talk to him, I have to visit him in their house.

And which, I did. It's around 8:00 p.m.

I went to their house to pays a visit.

At the gate I saw his mom and i asked her about her son's whereabouts.

She says, "Ah, nagkaliwas kayo, kakaalis lang nya pabalik ng Manila".

"Hijo,wait lang ah, bibili lang ako ng itlog, wait lang sandali ah!"

And then his mom says, "Lika sa bahay, kunin mo yung bago nyang number sa kapatid nya".

His mom told me, he's pursuing a job in Manila as agent again.

Nagkwentuhan kami ni Tita, I told her, "Tita natatakot po ako at kinakabahan para sa kaibigan ko".

But then, alam kong headstrong din syang tulad ko, pero since nanggaling na ko sa kinalalagyan nya ngayon, alam ko kung gano katindi ang pressure sa Manila.

I told Tita that sobra akong nagtatampo sa kaibigan ko kasi birthday ko that day pero kinalimutan nya ako.

Even Tita, masama din daw ang loob nya sa anak nya.

After i finished the glass of orange juice that Tita gave me, I told her that it's getting late na, i had to go home na.

She said okay, she greeted me Happy Birthday and she asked for my number,

in-case daw na me itatanong sya sa akin itetext nya ako.

I waved Tita goodbye!

I have texted him over and over but no reply pa rin.

As I walked my way back home at the farm, my emotions burst and I shouted and cried,

I'm so helpless that time.

Ganun kasi akong magtreasure ng kaibigan,

ganun ako magpahalaga sa isang pangako.

I asked GOD, why?

All I wanted is to be complete.

But at my 25th birthday hindi yun nangyari, kinalimutan ako ng kaibigan ko?


"CARE TO BE FRIEND?” "SURE, I WILL” ___________________________________________________________________


Cjem July 26, 2008 at 11:15 AM  

napaka-nostalgic naman po ng entry mo.. Hehehe...

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