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Saturday, July 26, 2008


Written by Anne Padilla,

I was so depressed that time.

I went to bed alone, and hummed myself to sleep.

Being alone is the most terrible feeling I’ve ever known.
Seems like there’s a part of me which is missing.
Try to ask yourself what is missing,
I bet you can’t answer and you will just sigh.
When you wake up in the morning grasping for someone beside you,
Even though you know it’s darn clear you are alone.
Stupid, isn't it? You’re fooling yourself!
Yet you have friends, yes you know...
You can count on them,
You're pretty sure they will carry you on their back anytime you are in need without too much word to say.
But hey! There is a kind of loneliness which is not eased just by hanging out with friends,
Sharing your hang-ups with your friends even to your closest friend.
I know how you feel the loneliness that comes deep within you or

(me and you).
The curse of being alone with people around you
(Just like ghosts passing by).
I know how you wish you don’t exist while your face is on the sink throwing up because of too much alcohol.
Even if you take thousand tablets of sleeping pills,
That suffocating feeling of loneliness will haunt you.
I won’t dare ask why you're lost, because I know that keeping your burdens intact and unshared.
Is much better than being asked and judged

by people who thinks that they are
FAIRIES (yes! they are fairies of shallow wells)
And ANGELS (indeed, angels of polluted heaven).
What you feel is what I also feel.
Grow up!
You are the master of yourself.
Sayawan mo ang saliw ng masalimuot na mundo!

This is to be continued...


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