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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Every night before going to sleep, 

I pray to God that if I am going to suffer the same pain by tomorrow, 
Please I don’t want to wake up the following morning anymore, 
It was tough being a loser, who tends to suffer rather than bless.
It’s kind of weird coz He let me wake up again this morning!
Maybe the answer is there, right in front of me.
He let me wake again coz He has a plan for me,
A plan much better than I have for myself.
Maybe God wants me to still live with my miseries,
So that I can learn from my mistakes and the following day, 
God will make everything bright and sunny again.

It isn’t easy to be me.
My life in general is a big question mark.
Should I or should I not?
I guess that is the real question.
I had made some decisions in my life that had jeopardized everything,
Me as a person and me as friend.
I thought life as an adult is way much better than being a kid,
But there are things in life that you always wish you were still one,
Like having fun and manage to laugh,
Though your knees are full of scratches and cuts.
I always wanted to cry, I just don’t know how to start.
Maybe it’s true that I’m a weak person.
I have tried to live by the golden rule.
I only do things that I want others do unto me.
Maybe this isn’t the right time to go fishing,
The waves are too big to be tame.
The sky is gray and full of lightening and thunders are roaring.
It takes a perfect timing to cross a stormy sea.
I guess by tomorrow I’ll be a good sailor and will be able to cross it.
But I should not just seat here and wait for that storm to go away,
I have to prepare, I have to be ready by tomorrow.

I don’t know what lies ahead for me there,
But no matter what it is,
I need to be prepared and ready to face it.

I have to live my life as it is my last day on earth,

Coz one day it will be…


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